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The Pendulum of Rejection

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By Reverend Shakita Valentine

Have you ever said, “this is not how I imagined my life”, “this is not how it is supposed to be?”  Yes, you are blessed to be alive, health accessible in the body and to have friends and family, however the ‘what isn’t’ plays out in your mind more than ‘what is.’  The scripture that comes to mind is when the Prophet Samuel was mourning over what was in 1 Samuel 16:1. In this passage God is asking Samuel, how long will he mourn for Saul (who God rejected to continue to reign over Israel). 

If you find yourself “mourning” over a dream or a deep desire, be encouraged to do as God instructed Samuel to do – Get up and get your oil!  While you are mourning the past, you are rejecting your future, and while you are rejecting the future you are mourning the past.  In doing so, creating a pendulum of rejection. God’s sovereignty out planned your plans and delivered a deeper desire.  Notice the past tense when it comes to God.  He knows all and reign over all.  If God is instructing you to close a door, let go of hurt, forgive swiftly and get up and get your oil – do so! He has some fresh instructions for you to follow and a different (better) place for your oil (gifts, talents and passion) to be utilized.    

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