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Christ Canceled Culture

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By Reverend Shakita Valentine

The Canceled Culture has been trending and forming silently in the background for a number of years. In the recent year, the Current Canceled Culture supporters have leveraged every trending matter of societal impact, looming in the background watching to see who will say or do something this is closely offensive to a race, religion, or culture to scrutinize them to say, “YOU ARE CANCELED”! Turning their culprit into an outcast. Placing them on list of “are nots”. How would it feel to have the “world” turn their back on you?

Let us further that thought in our daily walk with all kinds of humanity. How quick are you to “cancel” a person? I propose that we exercise the original “Cancel Culture” where we do not ostracize one for an act or offense. That we cancel what they did but not the individual.

How fortunate would you be, or already are to be a part of the original culture called the “Christ Canceled Culture”. This is the place where you were forgiven but not forgotten. That you were exonerated from all your excuses.

The “Current Canceled Culture” has taken something of old and added their spin to make it new. Christ Canceled Culture does the opposite, it takes the outcast, depressed, and cancel what they did, not the individual! Will you join the “Christ Canceled Culture “?

To do so read: Romans 10:10For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.”

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