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The Ability -vs- The Capacity

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By Reverend Lawrence Patterson

Recently, I had an encounter with two nouns that sparked my investigatory consideration.  “Ability” and “Capacity.”  While the line of definition between the two is thin, there is a distinction.  For example, “one might have an ability to sing, but are they capable to sing as an artist?” Often times, the natural reflexes of life are to look at what someone else has accomplished and without weighing the cost of their sacrifice, think that we can do the same.  I call it the Monday Morning Quarterback (MMQ) syndrome.    

The MMQ is when someone without demonstration evaluate the works of a practitioner.  One time, while I was watching a football game with some friends, one of the attendees started yelling at the quarterback from the couch, instructing where the ball should be thrown.  We all had a different lens from those who were actually in the game.  You should have been there, we all started weighing in on what we felt would be best and at one point, we stood up in the basement with an imaginary football to demonstrate our perspective.  It was in the middle of our boastful yelling and exchanges, that I heard a small voice reminding me that we were in the basement, sitting on the couch with chips and hot dogs.  I then realized while many of us had played football (ability) before, reaching the practitioner level (capacity) was not a part of our destiny.  When reality hit, I chuckled and gracefully took my seat.  A word of thought to consider, “Just because we have the ability to lift it, does not mean we possess the capacity to carry it.”   

In life, you will always have evaluators that have opinions on the route you should take; however, always look at where your evaluators are sitting, and their track record of personal and professional success.

Action:  Meditate on these few scriptures (1Chronicles 4:10; Psalm 71:21; Romans 12:3; Ephesians 3:20;).  Prayer, preparation and proper planning are vital tools that will always take us beyond ability into the realm of capacity. 

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