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God’s Armor


God’s Armor – by Pastor Brenda Gray
Scripture reference: Ephesians 6:10-17
We are in spiritual warfare with Satan. Satan is waging war against God’s people every day. We are told to be strong in union with God’s power. How? By putting on His whole armor. When properly dressed we are empowered to withstand the deceits and strategies of the devil.. Why God’s armor? Because our warfare is not with each other. We are in combat with spiritual forces. Our carnal strategies and physical weaponry are not effective against spiritual forces. We cannot successfully contend without our God-given armor
Satan uses four main weapons; (1) deceit, (2) intimidation, (3) our ignorance of the word, and (4) an appeal to our carnality. Matthew 28:18 says that Jesus has all authority in heaven and earth. Jesus has given us authority and power. Satan’s only power against us is that which we allow due to his trickery and our unwillingness to resist him. To wage a successful campaign against him, we must dress completely in God’s armor. Then we are able to stand firmly against the cunning craftiness of the devil.
Your Armor: Ephesians 6:10-17
The belt of truth – is your integrity. Satan is a liar, Jesus is the truth. Integrity is a weapon  You don’t lie, you tell the truth and you live the truth.
The breastplate of righteousness- is your purity. Satan attacks your purity by using the lust of he eyes with the internet, social media, magazines, porn etc. Watch what you watch and hear. Guard your heart with integrity.
Put on the shoes of peace-the believer’s tranquility. Don’t fall apart when trials come your way. Put your shoes of peace on and walk through it.
Shield of Faith-the believer’s certainty. The enemy shoots the darts, but you speak the promises of God. (i.e. God is my healer, He’s my provider, my lawyer in the courtroom, my strength when I am weak, my courage when I am afraid, the doctor in the operating room, my help in the time of trouble and he is my shield).
Helmet of Salvation the believer’s sanity. I must keep hope alive. No matter what I go through I will rise! I will always be in my right mind. I am a over-comer!
Sword of the spirit-the word of God. Enemies can’t be vanquished by defense alone. God gave us the greatest weapon ever the word of God.
You don’t need to be afraid because you have all the tools that you need. God has fully equipped you!
Now get dressed and when you dress, dress for success! And when you have done all, stand!!

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  1. Very good message I enjoyed it thanks


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