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G-Move – by Reverend Shakita Valentine

What should I do? What is next? How? Are usually the common internal questions asked when faced with the abundance of choices and decisions that come with this thing called LIFE.  At times the pressure to choose and then decide is what delays the START.  The challenge usually comes with the decision making as we attempt to align our free will with God’s will, thus leaving you in a place of pause and delay. The Bible may not offer you the yes or no answer you are searching, but it does provide guidance in reaching the resolve.  Jesus offers the best example of how to determine if your choice and decision aligns with what God has planned for your life. In the book of Matthew 26:36-44 we meet Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, we find Jesus in great distress about what is next and what is about (or could) happen, and he teaches us that pivotal life decisions are Guided, Guarded and Giving.

Guided – This space is where it all began for Jesus and for us, it is in the knowing where our purpose and passions lay in the grander picture of the world and life.  This is the basis of all choices and decisions.  Jesus knew what He was purposed to do and that it would eventually occur. He repeatedly, through the scriptures, prepared the disciples of His departure.  The core question you must ask yourself when making pivotal decisions; does this align with my purpose? Please do not ask if it can align; ask does it specifically align?

Guarded – This space was extremely sensitive to Jesus as it is to us.  When dealing with very important decisions we want to include our closest circle or friend in the internal conversation, as did Jesus as He summons Peter to stay awake and pray.  He simply did not want to go through the process alone in His humanity, however He had to only have a direct dialogue with God the Father.  Some deliberations must be guarded to prevent you from being discouraged or disappointed.

Giving – This space was the most difficult for Jesus, thus causing much anguish. He demonstrated how difficult it is to live in your humanity and your divinity (purpose). His whole purpose was to die and pay for all the sins of the world.  What a great cost and it would cause Him to give of himself.  In this present age, the thought of giving without receiving is a concept rapidly dying, however I would venture to say that every life changing, life altering, and life more abundantly comes with the price of giving.

If you are at the point of making a very important decision, simply look to Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane and ask these three questions; Does this align with my purpose? Is this too sensitive to discuss with others? Will the sacrifice required positively influence or impact generations beyond me? Once you decide watch God move.

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