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Heart Posture: Living Life As A Result of Someone Else’s Sin

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Heart Posture: Living Life As A Result of Someone Else’s Sin – By Denise Kennedy

What happens when your present situation is a result of something done outside of God’s will?  Over the years, I’ve come across people whom for whatever reason, are dealing with stuff handed to them from a situation that they had no say in.  Whether it’s a child dealing with abandonment from a broken home, infidelity and distrust in a marriage, pain and an identity crisis resulting from sexual abuse, or a health-related complication that you’ve inherited from someone else’s poor choices.

How do you fare when it seems like the odds were set against you from the beginning?  Now that you must play the hand of the cards that you have been dealt, what is your heart’s posture?  The term heart posture is the inner attitude of your heart.  Psalm 51:10 says, “create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.”  Surrender your heartache and buried hurt to God.  The posture of your heart says a lot about the way you feel about God.  Your heart should be in a posture of complete surrender, humility, adoration, and faith.  A surrendered and humble heart tells God that you are releasing control to Him. A heart of adoration acknowledges who God was, is, and will be.  A faithful heart lets God know that you trust Him to keep you.  When we are not functioning from a Godly heart posture, we are not functioning in direct alignment with God.  Ask yourself, “are you out of alignment with God?”

Prayer:  Abba Father, thank you for purpose that you have given me.  Help me to live a life of complete surrender.  Direct my focus so that it is towards you and NOT my present circumstance.  Align my heart to your will God, so that it is a reflection of who you have called me to be.  I bring into captivity every thought that would suggest that I am anything less than who you say I am, to the obedience of Christ!  Anytime that I am running contradictory to your perfect will, convict me, and I will surrender it unto you.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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