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Your AFTER is better than BEFORE

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By Revered Shakita Valentine

The freshness of the New Year reminds many of all they aspired to accomplish the previous year and the opportunity to fulfill them in the present year…a before and after, if you will. The declarations of starting or stopping various task is where we meet Joshua and the children of Israel (Joshua 3). They had stopped wandering and were resting in the place between wandering and wonderous. You may find yourself sitting in Acacia Grove with them. You are no longer where you use to be and sense that there is something great ahead, but you have never really been in this place and you do not know what is ahead because things have not been this way before (v. 4). This text reminds us that when preparing for the unknown or indescribable promises of God (that is what I call the unknown), there are some actions that you must take heed BEFORE leaving the place of wandering.

  • Sanctify Yourself – Set yourself apart from those things that easily distract you. Take the time to simply sit with God to listen and trust that you are hearing from Him and know His voice will align with His word (Bible).
  • Position Yourself – Take the first step to start the journey of obtaining the promise. Most will say start the book, launch the business or submit the application. However, I charge you to start at the end. Start knowing the end (the vision/promise)(v.1). All other actions will derive from the end state.

AFTER completing the sanctification and positioning, the other step is:

  • Take possession – This action is the most difficult because it comes with so much certainty. Certainty that there will be a battle to fight and a battle to win. Many are so used to being “blessed and highly favored” they forget what came with that blessing. Mary had to endure much strife to birth our Savior. So as Joshua and Israel (v.10) Know that you are not an exception but an exception because God knew and know you can and will win the battle.

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