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Father’s Day Edition 2018

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By Rev. Shakita Valentine – Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful men in the world!  You deserve to be celebrated for your dedication, diligence and tremendous role in the lives of others.  The father’s role is not only to fix what is broken and step in when the child fears, it is the father that cultivates potential to person, boy to man and girl to woman. It is his role that establishes natural progression while sustaining order.  The Center for Disease Control stated that 85% of behavior disorders are persons of a fatherless home.  Now most of us have had our moments of bad decisions that has caused some disorder of sorts, as you read this you are likely thinking of an exact moment that changed the trajectory of your life.  Whether you believe it was because of an absent father or a distant father the choice was yours to make and you made it.  I am fortunate to have my biological father in my life; but he was not always a part of my life.  Though pain shadowed life moments when he was not there I resolve to seek safety, wholeness and relationship with a father that never disappointed me.  Know that whatever feelings you do or do not express about your biological father, you are welcome to share mine.  For He said He will never leave nor forsake us (Deuteronomy 31:6) and He is also stated that He would not leave you fatherless (John 14.18-20). He is one that promised to be IN and A PART of your life if you allow Him.

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