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A Good Soldier

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By Pastor Brenda Gray

2 Timothy 4:7: I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.

Do you remember running relay races in school? Someone on your team would run around the course and then hand off the baton to you. You had to wait for them to make those final yards before it was your turn to run with it. Then, with all your strength and endurance you ran your part of the race.

Something to think about: God’s word has been given to every one of his children. We have been entered into the race of life. We have no excuse! It’s up to each of us to use all our strength and endurance to complete what God has called us to do. Be set on fire by God’s word. Read it! Know it! Then set your eyes on the finish line of heaven and run! Remember that God is on your side!

Prayer starter: Father in the name of Jesus teach me to search your ways so that I may know you. Thank you that when I draw near to you, you draw near to me with wisdom and discernment…

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