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A Team with A Coach or Playbook

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By Pastor Brenda Gray

Joshua 23:6 Be very courageous to keep and to do all that is written in the Book of the Law of Moses.

A basketball team without a coach won’t have a chance on the court. Do you feel like your life has no coach? Well it does. We’ve been given a coach and a playbook. In fact, the coach shows up to every practice and to every game. He’s on your side screaming for your win and shouting out every play.

He can tell you how and when to dribble down the court, shoot a layup and score, or just to pass the ball. He promises you a big win if you just call Him coach.

Something to think about: Are you tired of making up your own plays? Tired of being defeated by the other guys? Sign up for God’s team, and let Him call the plays in your life.

Prayer Starter: Father in the name of Jesus, I am tired of making up my own plays and making the situation worst. Please show me how to wait on you God and…

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