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Count It All Joy

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by Yolanda K. Edwards

James 1:2: Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds

Living out our faith makes a difference, not in our lives alone, but the lives of others.

As Christians, facing trials is inevitable, for this is how we are made strong and learn to persevere. We can use what we learn from our trials to help others. Therefore, we must “count it all joy” when trials come our way. This is not the “emotional” joy that we experience when we are happy, this is the “fruit of the spirit” joy referred to in Galatians 5:22. The joy that is produced in us by the Holy Spirit in the midst of our trials.

Through each trial that you experience, you must have faith that God is still in control and that He will bring you out a better person than you were before you were faced with the trial. It is not just enough to say you trust God to bring you out, you have to live it. Do not walk around sad, telling people all about your troubles, throwing a pity party for yourself in hopes that people will feel sorry for you.

Instead, “count it all joy”. This time, I am referring to that “emotional” joy because you know that God is working to make you a better, stronger person, with a deeper relationship with Him.

Prayer starter…Lord, please give me strength to make it through the trials that I experience. Your word says that when I am weak, you make me strong. I count it all joy that you use trials to produce in me faith, love, joy…
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